Dec 8, 2023

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Don’t be alarmed . . .

This unexpected photo does not imply that John Todd is dead or even ailing.  It simply means that he has finally given us permission to use his likeness more liberally.   For those of you who don’t know, John (the one on the left with the Paul Newman blue eyes) is the owner and engineer of H.T. Recording, his garage recording studio in Dennis where the first beginnings of Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater took place.   John, not only a superb musician ––drums, trumpet, keyboard, you-name-it–– was also the maestro at the sound board and expert with those now-retired tools of 1980s recording studios, eight-track reel-to-reels and razor-blade tape editing, which John wielded like a master surgeon.

  Without him and his generous spirit towards an unpublished author who showed up with a batch of scripts and his hat in his hand, there likely would have been no Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater.  So the next time you find yourself listening again to CCRMT, especially those first dozen or so mysteries, say a little thank you to John.     Steven Oney

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