Sep 22, 2017

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So happy to see this item available. Such great actors, miss them
dearly, and will cherish this! Foggy Nights Forever! -Charles

So nice to hear from you again!  We’re so pleased you have ordered the photo of our two heroes.  How we miss them.
Thanks for your support, and undying enthusiasm!
Hope all is well in Puyallup (love this word), as in, no earthquakes or hurricanes!
annie and the gang
I’d order more but monies are tight due to my attending the New York Comic Con in a couple weeks. I can only hope you’ll have some after a month or so as I know a couple friends who would love to have them as a gift. One of those friends, my friend from New York came to the pacific northwest in March to attend our Emerald City Comic Con, and after putting him up here, he’s returning the favor and showing me around the Big Apple and attending his convention! I’m very excited for this trip, and have been saving up as I know the big city can mean big money. Funny thing at the Emerald City Comic Con we talked to a vendor who was making Radio dramas prequels for his comic book. He was thrilled to talk to two fans of old time radio, and asked our favorites and my buddy replies Capt. Underhill and he knew immediately what we were talking about and we began the “A man dies on a sail boat off the waters of cape cod, how does he die?” skit. It’s nice to know so many still remember and love our Captain and his friend and physician. Speaking of those two characters, are there any plans to do a new series? Perhaps, a prequel of sorts like “June Bug Mystery”? They were such a wonderful pairing and the adventures they could have are limitless. I’d love some early stories of a younger Underhill and how he came about his skills of detection, rising through the ranks of the doubting yet also incompetent police force. I always felt there could be a real story behind the passing of his wife, and perhaps it’s a story so personal it eventually lead to his retirement. I just have these ideas for what could have been, and selfishly wish both David and Wally were both here to give us so much more. I understand if casting new voices is not desired and the characters passed on with the actors, but still, I’d love a book on CCRMT and the whole process of an episode from start to finish. Also would love to see if excerpts of some of the old scripts could be posted online on the website. All is good here… no earthquakes here except for near Mount Rainier… let’s hope it doesn’t think of pulling a St. Helens eh? Hope everyone is staying creative and healthy.. but just remember like the good Captain said “Just because you’re well, doesn’t mean you’re not sick!” Foggy Nights forever, and forever grateful. -Charles

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