May 8, 2019

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RIDDLE OF THE BONES or The Missing File of Captain Underhill’

Yes, Kristi,  the new Captain Underhill mystery is just about done.  I can report it is turning out to be one of the best Captain Underhill shows we’ve ever done, if not the best.   The mystery it unravels is quite spectacular.  I can’t give away details without giving away too much, but I will confidently claim that in the annals of Radio Mystery Theater there has never been another radio mystery quite like this one.  Captain Underhill is at the top of his game.

The story is so good it was worth all the trouble to re-cast and bring back the detective duo for this show alone.

The brilliant casts is as follows;

CAST:  (in order )

Steven Oney, writer . . . . . . .

Justice Georgina Bellows, officiating judge and deputy coroner . . . . Eileen Preston

Hattie Dagmar, bailiff . . . . . Lynn Littlefield

Bertram ‘Bertie’ Flagstaff, Esq. assisting counsel . . . Greg Masterson

Dirk Scoobie, salvage scuba diver . . . . Tucker Mclain

Niki Woodward, marine archeologist . . . . Carrie Bearse

Doctor Alexander Scofield, deputy medical examiner . . . . Stephen McIlory

Captain Waverly Underhill, retired police captain . . . Peter Milan

Jules Atherton Cuffy  . . . Egan Millard

Announcer . . . . . Naomi Arenberg

Original music by Mark Birmingham

Artwork by Ellen Lebow


As for when CDs will be available for purchase, I can’t yet give you a release date, but we will begin taking pre-orders soon, and those who do pre-order will receive an additional gift.

One date is certain:   CCRMT, together with Tales of Cape Cod, will be presenting a live premier performance of ‘Riddle of the Bones’ on October 28th at the historic Olde Colonial Courthouse in Barnstable Village, just in time for Halloween.

Thanks to everyone for their patience.  I am personally thrilled to be offering this un-looked-for addition to the collection of Captain Underhill mysteries.

detail from original artwork by Ellen Lebow

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