Aug 4, 2009

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Andrew E. writes:

“When I was ten years old, my mother introduced me to The Shadow, Inner Sanctum and several other old radio shows. I was enthralled; borrowed them from the local library, asked for them for Christmas, etc. Despite my age, I was brought up on media that predated me for almost forty or fifty years. One day when I was fifteen, I again wandered into the local library and found episodes of this show called CAPE COD RADIO MYSTERY THEATER.

It screamed my name in a way I’ll never forget. I borrowed the tapes, copied them and threw them into my ever-growing collection of radio shows (I have over 600). What I loved about CCRMT was that it was new, modern, and still had the same suspenseful, cutting edge of the old shows. I convinced an at-the-time girlfriend (who worked in a bookstore) to buy all of the episodes. When we broke up, as we divided our ‘Mutual possession”, I took them. I kept buying and listening until the seventh volume. Waiting impatiently for more new episodes, but never heard from CCRMT again.

I am now twenty-three years old. CCMRT inspired me to write and produce and episode of my own radio show. I assembled a crew of my friends, pulled out my Tascam 4-track, bought a microphone, set up shop in the small closet underneath the stairs (we lived in the basement back then) and went to work. We never finished the show, of course, and I eventually moved from writing radio to writing a mystery novel. But this is unimportant.

What IS important, is that about twenty minutes ago, I performed a random check on my computer, and found a CCRMT web site. My heart started pounding like something was wrong. But something was quite right. I was more excited to see this web site up and running than to see my girlfriend! All of a sudden, I’m fifteen again!

Anyway, just to wrap all this up. I have been a huge fan of CCRMT for eight long years. And I have loved each and every single episode of this show which has infinitely inspired my own mystery work. I listen to them every night before I go to sleep (which freaked out my girlfriend in the beginning, but she’s gotten used to them now), and am wholly excited to see new episodes on the board. All of which I will purchase, you know.

In short, I just want to thank all of you for everything you have done and produced. It is absolutely wonderful, wonderful work, and I look forward to hearing new episodes (and checking out new additions to the web site) as they come. Thank you and keep up the great work. I’ll be the first to join the fan club.

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