Jul 31, 2009

Posted in Captain Underhill Series

A Test For Murder

Copyright 1984
44 minutes
A Captain Waverly Underhill mystery

Dr. Alexander Scofield encounters his friend, retired police captain Waverly Underhill, at a Provincetown art opening. Then they both encounter a murder. The celebrity judge is stabbed in the back upstairs. Downstairs, there are seventy or eighty guests, one of whom must have done it. Captain Underhill takes charge and quickly devises a simple but ingenious test that will force the killer to reveal himself.

Announcer Bob Nolan
Captain Waverly Underhill David Ellsworth
Doctor Alexander Scofield Wally O’Hara
Trudy Landsburger Eva Broderson
Miss Beverly Sampson Laine Davis
Celia Hanshoffer Mary B. Jones
Officer Ray Greenwood Kevin Groppe
Jason Hirsh Bill Dame
Mr. Keifer Fred Morey
Florence Rigby Carol McManus
Alfred Turk, Jr. Neil McGrarry

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